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Monday 23rd October 2017

Welcome Centre for Hearing Dogs for Deaf People

Fibre screed now laid with under floor heating and the roof looking smart too!

Monday 16th October

Letchworth kitchen all finished

All done now (unless you spot the missing tap – fitted the same day).

Friday 13th October 2017

Emergency Work in Hampstead centre!

We carried out a vital emergency demolition and excavation project over one week in Hampstead to remove an unstable two metre brick wall, excavate behind to remove the offending earth and reduce the wall, all within 4 working days under a full road closure. Next year the plan is to excavate and introduce a new retaining wall and reinstate the garden.

Monday 9th October 2017

Scaffold comes down to reveal the ceiling and rooflights at Hearing Dogs for deaf People

As we gear up this week for the underfloor heating and screed we have now managed to dismantle all of the internal scaffold and most of the external scaffold which has shown wonderfully how dramatic this new facility will look and operate once completed.

Monday 18th September 2017

Letchworth Garden Room and Kitchen

All works are nearing completion with the exception of the Clients kitchen and worktop. Even the grass seed has shot up in the last few days. Origin Bifold doors and Roofmaker rooflight all installed and operational.

Monday 4th September

The Pheasant grows a roof

Whilst we push on with remedial works to the listed building contained under the temporary roof, we also have managed to erect the new build rooms to the rear of the old pub. Screed and Underfloor Heating are due to be installed w/c 9th October 2017.

Monday 3rd July 2017

Letchworth for breakfast?

We are half way through a smart little extension and refurb of a kitchen and breakfast room in Letchworth. We have all of the Flemish bond brickwork completed and roof light and windows installed. Now we are awaiting the bi-fold doors. All sourced from local suppliers.

Monday 12th June 2017

The Pheasant in Amersham takes shape.

Inland Homes have asked us to turn this run down (listed) public house into a beautiful new home and adjacent commercial creche unit, all by November. We started with lengthy underpinning, structural masonry repairs and demolition and strip out. We now have managed to cover the whole building with a fantastic temporary roof so we can start the installation of the new works whilst preserving the listed elements, without fear of the rain and weather affecting progress.

Monday 5th June 2017

Our Green Oak frame goes up in 4 days.

Carpenter Oak managed to erect fully a green oak frame at Hearing Dogs for Deaf People in under 4 days. This now allows us to continue brickwork, whilst waiting for the roof SIPS panels to arrive.

Friday 2nd December 2016

High street apartments looking sharp.

The four new apartments now are fitted out and snagged, just waiting for the utility companies to connect one gas supply and the water supply. What a bore!


Friday 25th November 2016

From building site to restaurant

The staff are training, the glasses are on the shelves and the tarmac is laid. About time to start serving some top quality food!

Monday 31st October 2016

The Temple in use.

Now that the majority of the work is complete, the Client and their patrons have started to use the main Temple space. The deities and shrines have been moved in and the Priests have taken up occupation in the central shrine.

Monday 26th September 2016

A cracking little tart up!

This new house for one of our regular clients, with an eye for design, was refurbished prior to moving in. Some quick structural works and a whole load of joinery, all hand painted was mostly put in during their summer vacation period.

Saturday 4th June 2016

The Oxford Blue now looks like a restaurant!

With the kitchen now being installed and tiling and timber flooring surging on, we are looking to complete in July 2016 ready for the restaurant to open in August. Still a lot of work to do outside but inside is really pulling together but not without some extended hours of working.

IMG_3235 IMG_3289 IMG_3362

Tuesday 31st May 2016

The Temple looks fantastic

Credit to the Indian “stipathi” who are working tirelessly to create plaster moulds and decoration to the outside space and the temples shrines. Our works internally now comprises of closing in and fitting doors and lights as well as preparing the systems for commissioning now that the utility services have been installed.


Monday 23rd May 2016

76 High St, Watford gets going.

Work has started to turn this previous commercial space into 4 quality apartments situated right in the heart of Watford Town Centre. Due for completion in September we have to create first a fire and noise barrier between each floor and the existing retail neighbour on the ground floor.


Friday 4th March 2016

The Oxford Blue forges ahead

With substantial temporary works and demolition overlapping with new build and refurbishment work, Atrium have managed to maintain a programme set in December based on an immediate start and no lead time up to this point. We are due to start internal fix services installation on 14th March to coincide with the planned completion of flat roof works.

Monday 29th February 2016

The Temple’s finer side!

Work is now pressing on at the Temple in East Ham. Exterior and interior finishes are being applied by skilled Indian tradesmen and the spaces of the main Temple, dining room and multi-function room look like they will soon be requiring decoration.

Monday 7th December 2015

The Oxford Blue in Old Windsor
Atrium have now been appointed to carry out the extension and complete refurbishment of this old pub into a fine dining restaurant and bar next to Old Windsor in West Berkshire. Due to open late Spring we will be working throughout the winter to turn this run down local pub into a fantastic new dining space with a state of the art kitchen.

IMG_4368 IMG_6480

Friday 11th September 2015

Atrium’s new office in St.Albans

Our new offices are now fully operational and capable of allowing easy access and an efficient working environment for our staff. Call Lisa Harvey to arrange any meetings or to come and see us at work on 01727 863542. We are located just opposite Sopwell House close to the A414 St.Albans bypass.

IMG_5027Head Office Map

20th August 2015

Apartment in Hackney

We have commenced the total strip out and refurbishment of a 4 bedroom/2 bathroom apartment in London E9 which is due for completion by October. Returning it to is base state and then carrying out a total refit including substantial joinery and kitchen packages, wood flooring throughout and quality lighting by ATRIVM and appliances by Gaggenhau will be carried out 7 days a week.

14th July 2015

New Hindu Temple, East Ham, London

Atrium are delighted to have been employed by the Trust to build and fit out their new 2000sqm temple. This spectacular building over 4 levels provides both space for worship and community support including kitchen and dining space to feed 300 persons a day as well as the temple space housing deity’s and shrines. We are working with Agenda21 Architects, Furness Green Partnership and Navigation Cost Consultants as well as specialist Indian subcontract renderers this will without doubt be an experience to cherish. We will keep you all updated on progress and the interesting activities that are planned between now and Easter 2016.

New Hindu Temple, East Ham, LondonNew Hindu Temple, East Ham, London

10th September 2014

The Wigmore Concert Hall, London WC1

As part of the Halls 2014-2015 refurbishment works Atrium have undertaken some complicated electrical and building works during a six week “dark” period during their summer shut down. With a minimal 4 weeks lead in to do the works, Atrium managed to complete and handover to the Hall to allow their programme for music in September 2014 to start without any delay and just as importantly these works will allow a much bigger refurbishment to be undertaken in one closure in summer 2015.

33 22 11

20th September 2013

Completion of our Hampstead refurbishment took place over the summer and now with all defects completed and the owner enjoying their new home we can relax again.


8th April 2013

Work has commenced on the garage to the Hampstead property in Perceval Avenue. Reclaimed bricks, sedium roof and copper copings are the order of the day.

5-Perceval-Avenue-1  5-Perceval-Avenue-2

14th January 2013

We commenced a new project in November 2012 in Hampstead, North London. The complete refurbishment of this beautiful semi-detached house and the building of a new garage structure is all due to complete by June 2013.

9th January 2013

Work is nearing completion on the penthouse fit outs in Bonn. Kitchen and Joinery has been installed and wood flooring and doors are due to start in one apartment over the next week.

3rd September 2012

Penthouse and Pavement

We are approaching the final stages of the complex and demanding project in Bonn, Germany. Apartments are being handed over to overjoyed purchasers whilst work continues on the two penthouse apartments and basement car parking due for completion by December 2012.

Penthouse Quartier6 development, Bonn, Germany Underground Parking, Quartier6 development, Bonn, Germany

5th May 2012

Works are reaching a conclusion on phase one of the Quartier6 development in Bonn, Germany. We are approaching handover of half of the 47 luxury apartments to the new owners to allow them to fit their own kitchens and fittings , a German tradition where many brides used to get given a kitchen for a wedding present and move it from house to house.

Last week we positioned the new statue created by Paul Vanstone (www.paulvanstone.co.uk) located at the entrance of the development to signify the fast approaching

Statue in Quartier6 development, Bonn, Germany Statue in Quartier6 development, Bonn, Germany - 2

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Warranties and Guarantees

Warranties and Guarantees - Atrium, Bespoke Residential ConstructionWe understand that delivery of a new home does not stop at the handover of the keys. It is important that care is taken to provide to the new owner information and support in running the building whilst it settles in. A great amount of detail and attention will have been given to your home during its development and construction period and we have a strict and detailed defects (snagging) process that ensures as few as possible of these are present at handover, however there may be items that will need to be addressed once you are in residence. If any defective work is found we will to arrange for the relevant trades to return at your convenience to put it right. We also undertake a detailed inspection after twelve months to identify any issues that have arisen so that they may be rectified whilst still under our guarantee.

In addition to the above, at handover you will receive our After Care Pack. This will include full details of all that you will require to operate and maintain the new building such as manufacturers literature, product warranty and guarantee details, maintenance schedules and a list of spares parts commonly required. Also in your After Care Pack we supply a photographic diary of the construction process.

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Considerate Contractor

Considerate Contractor - Atrium, Bespoke Residential ConstructionAs a thoughtful and considerate Client focused contractor we like to pay special attention to the following:

  • Good housekeeping thus minimising the dust, debris and risk
  • Noisy works are carried out in sociable hours, at times agreed with the Client
  • All deliveries are booked in and timed to allow for minimal disruption to the surrounding residents
  • We always minimise waste and then recycle waste packaging and surplus materials
  • Designated parking for all site operatives to avoid street parking
  • Clear site signage prior, during and after the project
  • Always leaving a site safe and secure when unattended
  • Well mannered, polite and respectful staff
  • Liaising with the neighbours giving updates and reports
  • Always looking to protect the local environment
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Sustainability - Atrium, Bespoke Residential ConstructionIn these modern and complicated times, a simple house extension, house refurbishment or a new construction can become complicated by the layers of red tape and good intentions of many to make the build ‘green’. At ATRIUM we simplify the matter by, from the very outset, establishing the Client’s and designers’ aspirations with regards to sustainable construction and work
with them to provide a best value, low cost and efficient system that works ‘out of the box’.

We take time in our work to understand systems and to give construction programme and installation costs whilst considering the various options to make sure that the correct system is chosen and for the right reasons. We have taken particular care to understand effective sustainable construction and living so that we may best advise, construct and deliver our projects.

With advice taken from the Building Research Establishment (BRE) who are recognised as the developers of sustainability standards codes and methodologies (such as BREEAM) for buildings, homes and communities, our expert team at ATRIUM offers a comprehensive range of cradle to grave contractor’s sustainability services. We can also help to reduce the environmental impact of construction processes, materials and operations, and provide leading edge information and advice on all aspects of the
sustainability of:

Individual domestic buildings – we offer sustainable design, construction and management advice for all types of building. Experience gained in developing BREEAM projects and taking a close interest and involvement with the BRE Innovation Park equips us to help you improve the sustainability of your home, achieve BREEAM ratings and comply if required with the Code for
Sustainable Homes.

Materials, products and services – the Green Guide Online provides details of the life cycle environmental impacts of construction materials and components, and the Green Book is a free online database of products and services. These resources and our consultancy services will provide the information needed to specify for reduced environmental impact.

Waste – Our waste reduction expertise and the use of tools (such as SMARTWaste) help us to draw up site waste management plans and cut costs by reducing wastes incurred during construction and use of the building.


The Code for Sustainable Homes™Finally, we strive to deliver all of our projects in line with the Code for Sustainable Homes and encourage all our clients to take the chance to build their home to minimise long term energy usage. Read more about The Code by clicking on the logo



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About Us

As a residential construction and refurbishment contractor, we provide a bespoke professional construction service. We always go the extra mile to tailor our services to suit specific desires.

We are inspired by good design, and understand what is required to deliver a concept through to realisation. We take pleasure in working alongside architects and interior designers with vision, but we never lose sight of our mission to minimise the construction period, to avoid repetition and banish unnecessary costs. We bring our flexible approach to projects and are not afraid to take on board changes and new works should we need to.

Our unique philosophy is to build and maintain our reputation for quality and service. It is our ethos to leave every project at its completion, with both the client and the professional team delighted with the process and outcome. Our familiar hand-picked tradesmen and specialist sub-contractors are vital to our way of working and ensure a high level of quality and service upon how we have built our name.

In our opinion, residential construction sometimes lacks the correct level of service where bespoke quality work is delivered to clients in a transparent manner, with all parties working as a team. We’re striving to rectify this.

The Delivery

Atrium - The Delivery, Fee Only

Fee Only

A professional approach to construction that suits clients who want to maintain control of the project and not lose it to a single main contractor. This often works best when the design is still being carried out, whilst the project is starting on site, or alternatively there are difficult unknown factors putting the design or works at risk. In these circumstances, we would appear to take the same role as a main contractor but we would be buying on behalf of the client the sub-contract packages of work as they are designed. These packages are contracted directly with the client and managed by us, on his behalf. We would normally work on a fixed fee or percentage-fee basis and recover our site organisational costs directly.


Atrium - The Delivery, Cost Plus

Cost Plus

We are never afraid to do things differently. This approach involves payment of the actual costs, purchases or expenses generated directly from the project and an agreed small percentage payable to us as the contractor. We place all of the sub-contractor orders and have sole liability of the management of their contracts but we become your sole contact for the works. This gives everyone concerned a clear transparency of the project costs and comfort that we are responsible for delivery and management of all aspects, while our client gets the benefit of a reduced project cost.


Atrium - The Delivery, Lump Sum

Lump Sum

Here, as the contractor, we will provide a fixed lump-sum cost prior to the contract being placed. We stand by these costs and they will not be exceeded unless additional or unforeseen works are instructed, and deemed to be outside of the original contract sum. This more traditional approach does not dilute our professional attitude to the design, procurement and delivery of the works. It does however provide security to the client with one point of responsibility for the complete build. This route is generally found to be appropriate where the design is well developed and detailed and often as part of a competitive tender process.


As part of our commitment we include, from our team, a project manager who is carefully selected to best suit the project’s requirements, as well as weekly meetings to address any build or design issues and up-to-date financial reporting, so the client and his team knows exactly where the projects costs stand. That way there are no surprises. Atrium’s quality assurance procedure includes careful sub-contractor selection, constant monitoring of sub-contractors performance, and continuing assessment of the quality of installation and workmanship, as well as our team’s full assistance in the design process both before and during the construction programme.

The Team

Andy Szymanski


At Atrium we like to present ourselves in a professional manner and we pride ourselves in not shying away from responsibility and delivering both the vision of the designers and aspirations of our clients.
My personal involvement in all of our projects and my broad experience built up over 30 years being personally responsible for some of the most high-profile projects in the UK and my strong leadership instils a core understanding and drive within our site teams.
My specific experience of high-quality residential construction both in the UK, Europe and the Middle East, along with an equally beneficial and impressive portfolio of commercial, arts, schools and infrastructure projects, means that you can rely on me to understand what you want and to know how best to deliver the complexities of your project ensuring it is with the required quality and the best possible cost.



Geoff White


Working in a wide variety of sectors within the construction industry over the last 12-years has left me in a distinctly advantageous position to manage exciting projects for Atrium.
I have personally overseen and been responsible for projects from inception to completion even as a design and build principal contractor.
I understand fully the requirements of all parties, including what it means to go that extra mile in providing a quality product.
Managing works isn’t just a job, it is a responsibility. Both to the safety of the workforce and to fulfil the requirements of the client.
Not only am I conscientious and thoughtful, but I am a firm believer of ‘right first time’, and this shows in the finished works delivered to you.



Lisa Harvey


I bring a wide range of experience to the company.  I have worked in many sectors including education, technology, not-for-profit, retail and, of course, construction.
My roles have varied from research, project management, account management, school office management, bursar to my current role in business administration at Atrium.
From working in a variety of organisations, I know the key to running an effective administration function apart from a good sense of humour is to be reliable and flexible.
My main aim at Atrium is to ensure each of our project teams have all the support they require.

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